You Can Depend On Runstop

We aim to deliver a simple fixed fee solution structure that is easy to understand and maintain. One key idea we have is to keep this list as uncomplicated and unobtrusive as we feel is necessary in keeping things simple as we like. You will be pleased to know that we have narrowed the main groups down to just 3 easy featured solution sets. It's plain to see if you don't fit into Runstop/Restore or Bug Zapper then you can bet that Runstop & Go may be for you. We can stack solutions as well to be serviced in the same appointment, the most expensive solution becomes the primary and each additional service is reduced by 40%(parts are excluded from discount and are sold separately).

The solutions offered above are structured for home, SOHO and small businesses up to 5 employees. We offer hourly based rates at a flat $179/hr, with a minimum of 2hrs appointed, each hour charged inclusively if you require a more demanding set of changes to your infrastructure.